Flautist, Vampirologist, Goth.
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Bethalynne’s tarot babies: The Sepia Stains Tarot, The Black Ibis Tarot and The Isidore Tarot. The Sepia and Isidore decks are both available through our Etsy shoppe. The Black Ibis Tarot is presently sold-out but will be available again in the new year all revamped and pretty. The models in the three B.I. cards shown are Meredith Yayanos, Nadja Lev and Zoetica Ebb.

You can follow all of Bethalynne’s work by adding any of her site/profiles; Bajema’s Web, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or watch her work on instagram. And you can see all of her art work available through our shoppe: The Attic Shoppe Tarot Company.